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Weekend Project: Marshmallow Guns — 4 Comments

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  3. I found your instructions for the marshmallow shooter on Pinterest. I am considering letting the boys and girls make them for our inteGRITy Camp this summer. From start to finsish, after adults cutting pieces, how long do you thinkn it would take kids to paint and assemble them? With a possible practice shooting day on the last day?

    • Sorry for the delay in reply. I’m not as active on here as I once was. I have done this activity on retreats, etc with the youth where we worship. The cutting will take most of the time. If you have someone with a chop saw it makes short work of all the cuts…and makes a huge mess. Putting the guns together takes 10-15 minutes, painting doesn’t take too long but you need to let it dry overnight before using. Make sure not to paint the mouth piece…I just leave it off when I’m painting. Hope that helps…