Family Devotional: Stir One Another Up – Week 2

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family devotional stir one another up
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I have received some great feedback from the first week of the family Bible study series “Little Hands, Big Hearts.”  So many of you have indicated that you printed out the study guide and used it with your families.  I even had two different churches let me know that they are making these available to their congregation!  Anyone is free to distribute this material and use it in any way that they like, as long as it is not being sold.  If you are using the study at home or in your church please leave a comment on this post or send me a message.  I’d like to hear from you with your feedback.  There is also a new page dedicated to these studies on my blog.

Last week I did get some feedback about the format.  Not everyone was able to get their study to print on both sides of the paper.  The booklet format I used was also not tablet friendly since users had to scroll back and forth to complete the study.  I will now be using a simple two page format that anyone can print or use on an iPad or other tablet.

Someone asked, “Where am I going with this study?”  The intent of these family Bible studies is to get our families sitting down at least once a week and studying from God’s word.  Studying as a family is absolutely critical to the spiritual well-being of your family.  I have designed the first few lessons to cover topics that are familiar to the majority of people who are reading them.  I want families to get comfortable with studying and starting with familiar material is a good way to accomplish this.  Starting in February we will start incorporating some lessons that might not be as familiar to everyone.

I hope you’re having fun with your family when studying the Bible.  My wife and I had one of the best laughs we have had in a long time when we were doing our study with our 5 year-old last week.  I said, “Let’s go around the table and say something nice that we could do for each other.”  Our daughter volunteered to go first.  We were sitting at the kitchen table and she got up out of her chair, pushed it in, walked around the table, came around by me and said, “Daddy can give Mommy flowers.”  When Brianne and I figured out that she took the phrase “go around the table” literally we burst into laughter.  There is a valuable lesson there for parents though – make sure young kids understand the words and phrases that we use – which is built into the study.

I hope you have a blessed week of study with your family.  Your feedback and comments “stir me up” to do more and better work.  It is my wish that your efforts help your family grow closer to God and closer to each other.

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