Saturday Roundup: Google Image Search edition

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A happy weekend to all…glad you made it!  Hopefully you’re enjoying lots of time out and about with family and friends.  Sure hope you’re planning to take some time out of the day on Sunday to go to Bible class and worship!

The end of the work week was fun and interesting.  Thursday morning my sister texted to tell me about a Rock Center story she had seen promo’d that would be talking about the dangers of sitting and working.  The inventor of the treadmill desk was interviewed..  I’ve mentioned on here (probably too many times) that I love my treadmill desk!  It’s been a month now and I routinely walk 25-30 miles each work week.  I’ve even started working in some incline so I can actually feel like I’m having a workout.

I noticed on Thursday that I started getting a lot of search traffic for the treadmill desk.  Most of it was coming from Google Image Search for the phrase “treadmill desk.” So I decided to check it out.  Right there on the first page I saw my smiling face….that was kinda weird.  I was right there along with a bunch of other people who made their own desks and the manufacturer photos.  There were actually 2 of my photos on the first page of search results….check it out!

Google Image screenshot

I was pleased.  I’ve been doing this for less than a month and I’m already on the first page of anything Google that was a search for a general term.  The report was interesting.  I’ve never seen a reporter walk on a treadmill in high heels…I guess the cameraman never had either.  You can view the report here.

Working on the treadmill has been doing great things for my attitude and health.  I’m not dropping off too much weight but I can tell a difference for sure.  I feel better and am much more productive.

And on to the roundup of interesting links.  There are quite a few this week:

Recipes / Kitchen

This week we tried two new recipes.  They are both from  The Turkey (or chicken) Pot Pie was excellent but a lot of work.  The Turkey (or chicken) Enchiladas were tasty, easy to make and kid chef friendly…and gluten free for those who need that.  I haven’t tried this yet, but the salad in a jar is going to be on the list of things to make.

Crystal Paine, the head blogger at was guest posting on another site this week.  She wrote a great piece on saving time in the kitchen.

Interesting Reads / Ideas

This year, do this.  A great and inspirational graphic from Jon Acuff.

If you have Photoshop (which you can legally get for free here straight from Adobe) you can modify the free calendar template that was provided by

I thought this Lego lamp from Our Fifth House that was posted on was a great idea.

My friend Kevin Langford wrote a great article this week over at his site  “A Church @ Work – The Fulfillment of Serving One Another” is a great read for anyone who wants to build up the church.

Over on Lifehacker I saw this idea for the Netflix of neckwear –  I personally think this is a great idea!  I don’t wear a lot of ties, but that is probably because I usually cycle through the same ones.  With some variety I think I would wear more. posted up a great article on 10 saving apps for smartphones.  Most of these are coupon based apps, but it is good to save/make a little money wherever you can.

Another link via Lifehacker – How to Easily Start Your Garden Seeds Indoors On The Cheap.

This week was CES, a HUGE electronics convention out in Vegas.  Tethercell was pitched out at CES.  The device fits into AA powered devices and can remotely turn off those devices via Smartphone.  Think…silencing children’s toys and other devices.  The ultimate in tech fueled laziness.