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Saturday Roundup: Fix Your Facebook Edition — 5 Comments

  1. I love the Bible I Pad mini case. I have used my mini for impromptu Bible studies and more and more people are using I Pads or other such things at church for their Bibles anyway. At Ganderbrook four of us had a discussion that turned into a Bible study and I realized that none of us were using a paper version we all had an electronic version on phones, pads etc. I still prefer the paper Bible for church and study because I like to write and underline in it but I like being able to have a Bible with me all the time either on the phone or my mini I Pad.

    • Sounds like you are getting great use out of the mini! They really come in handy in all sorts of applications. I bet the smaller size is very handy.

  2. Hey Jon,
    Social Fixer sounds like a great plugin! There are times (during the election especially) where I wanted to remove many people from my Facebook “friend” list! This sounds like a great solution – I should probably check into it. Very informative post, keep up the great work!

    • Social Fixer is a pretty cool solution AB. Facebook is very helpful, but sometimes it is nice to filter few a few things that Facebook wouldn’t normally allow you to remove. Let me know what you think if you install it.

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