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Favorite Things Friday: Strawberry Kiss — 6 Comments

  1. Ok, Jon. Make up your mind. 300 or 350 degrees ? BTW, if Blue Bell vanilla, make mine Vanilla Bean. I never knew you’d been making meringue for years. Can divinity be far behind ? (Not the school, the candy.) ….and here’s your tip for the day: Kroger’s Raspberry Sherbet (yes, that’s right, SHERBET, not sherbeRt) tastes like the original Pink Things @ Six Flags, but if you don’t want it THAT way, then blend it with some Throwback Mountain Dew (not recommended for diabetics).

  2. I have had many a Salado, TX. Stagecoach Inn Strawberry Kiss. In fact just partook of one on Xmas day. I have wanted to make them myself and now after reading your recipe, I will try it. Question:
    Why do you use vinegar?

    • Hi B… The vinegar stabilizes the meringue. Various recipes will use cream of tartar, vinegar or lemon juice interchangeably. I just figure most people have white vinegar on hand since it is a pantry staple. The ratio I have always heard is 1/8 tsp for every egg white. Let me know how it goes!

  3. This was a favorite dessert when we traveled through that part of Texas many years ago. I have always wanted a recipe for this. Now, my question, why were their meringues not white? Did they add strawberry juice to them? I have never, ever had success with meringues so I’ve been hesitant to try this, especially with any added moisture.