The Warning Signs

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A very dangerous toy.

We recently picked up a plastic sandbox for our youngest daughter.  It had a clamshell design and one half of it could be used as the lid or as a little wading pool.  I was shocked to see how many warnings had to be included with this product.  There was an entire page of WARNINGS and DANGER messages plus another one on the backside of the page.  Has someone really tried to dive into a plastic pool with 8 inches of water in it?

There’s a reason that manufacturers have to include those warning messages.  Some one, some where has tried to dive into a kiddy pool.  Too often we might ignore the immediate dangers in our lives or are oblivious to them.  Others can see the warning signs and perhaps even point them out to us but even then we sometimes choose to ignore them.

Little ‘wake up calls’ and warnings are a good thing to pay attention to.  We were created with an amazing mind and a conscience that helps to guide us.  Ignoring the warning signs that pop up can truly put us at risk.

The warning sheet that came with the sandbox.

This week our family worship series continues with the account of David and Goliath.  This is probably one of the best known events in the Bible.  Spend some time with your family taking another look at this event…Week 25 – David and Goliath

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  1. ….and, the question of the week is : If David had so much faith, then why did he take FIVE stones from the water for his sling ?

  2. I have to admit, I just laugh at so many of “warnings” on products. Of of my favorites was on one of those sun shade we put in our vehicles during the hot summer…”don’t drive while in window”. I would have never thought to take it down before driving!!!! lol1

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