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How Much Does It Cost: Watering the Lawn — 5 Comments

  1. Jon, you may consider taking some of that $60 a month and using it to improve your soil condition. Using an organic fertilizer, using compost, and adding rock powders such as lava sand can help hold water for longer periods of time and keep the lawn just as green as you would like. Some golf course supers have recorded using organic technics and receiving a 50% water savings. Rain barrels to collect rain water may also reduce watering in flower beds and garden areas.

  2. Ugh! I hate our water bill! Our yard is about the same size as yours, and we don’t water our front weeds hardly at all, and they still stay green. We do water our shrubs, a portion of our back yard, and those silly fish ponds sometimes require draining and refilling….I hate to see that being done.
    Obvious ways to conserve: Water in the early morning before the sun wakes up, some suggest watering once a week, some twice a week. Please don’t water the concrete. Don’t hose off your patio, use a leaf blower, and then sweep if you still need to. Don’t leave your hose faucet on, turn it off at the wall. My husband likes to leave it on at the wall, only to discover a few weeks ago that the hose sprayer was leaking. Oh and Jon, be sure and cook more that one chicken at a time in your stew pot!

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