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Controlled Chaos — 2 Comments

  1. As the coincidence of Jewish tradition might have it: In regard to paragraph 7: ABSOLUTELY !

  2. I remember well the days of controlled chaos. After Ken called to say he was on his way home from work I would call the kids to come clear a path for Daddy so that he could at least get through the family room to the kitchen. I promised him that I would clean the house when the kids went to college. That did happen but only because we moved.
    When we lived in a one bedroom apartment with two children there was no place to put clean laundry but on our bed, so it got folded and put away rather quickly. That habit continued in our larger house. The kids and I would gather around my bed to fold and put away laundry as soon as it came up from the dryer. So, clean laundry rarely sat around. As for the dirty we were blessed with a laundry chute so at least it was in the basement out of site.