E-Cigarettes and Vapor Shacks: Dad is Curious

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It seems my curiosity about some of the emerging trends in our neighborhoods is shared by many of my readers.  The post I did this past Friday about ‘gaming’ machines in Texas was very popular and received several comments online and offline.  This week I’m exploring the emerging trend of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and “vaping.” […]

They Do Listen!?!

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How many times do parents think to themselves, “Is my child hearing me at all?!?”  Whether your child is elementary age, in the teen years, or a grown adult the challenges and frustrations of communication can be many. Yesterday, our daughter’s kindergarten teacher (and our daughter) made my day!  She pulled me aside at afternoon […]

Lessons From A Storage Auction

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Friday I went to my first storage locker auction.  You’ve probably all seen the show “Storage Wars” and have your preconceptions about storage auctions.  Reality varies a bit from “reality TV.”  I wanted to share with you a few economic and social observations from my experience at a storage auction… Shrewd Speculators The majority of […]