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Live Within Your Means: A Reminder From Life — 2 Comments

  1. Unfortunately I could write a book on this sort of thing. We always tried to live within our budget (just ask my kids about the things they did NOT have growing up that “all the other kids have”), but when insurance rates went up to over $800 a month for the two of us we just could not afford to keep it; thus, when my pancreas decided to start necrotizing our doctor/hospital/etc. bills started reaching astronomical numbers and with no insurance all our savings vanished. Bank, CD’s, IRA’s, EVERYTHING ! I won’t go into the situation that has emerged now because of this, but TRUST ME, it’s awful, with no end to the ugliness in sight. Basically, no retirement money, no savings, massive bills at high interest rates, and reduced rate health care through JPS (which is its own mess, but the only game in town). I agree whole-heartedly, if you can have insurance through your employer take it, and keep this as a consideration when thinking about changing jobs (something I WISH was my problem…but @ 62 the openings are somewhere between noine and none). There are a bunch of ways to stretch a dollar, but first you’ve got to have a dollar to stretch. Hope your entry today does some good ! …….ted…….

  2. Payday loans: Despite our wisdom at refusing to seek loans from these nefarious bottom-feeders, it remains the case that credit at the bottom of the scale of credit-worthiness is often only found at the “title loan” and “payday loan” lenders.

    It is truly self-destructive to borrow from these, but please let’s leave it within the realm of possibility when the desperate need cash. It is not unlike our experiment at Prohibition. We found that enforcing sobriety just was not worth the cost to society.