Lessons From A Door

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I am a big believer in life-long learning and the concept that there are observational lessons to be gained all around us.  With that in mind, a few observations from some changes that took place at my office yesterday….

We have some super talented folks in our church.  Yesterday two of our members continued their project of putting vision panels (little windows) in the office doors of staff who elected to have them.  Within an hour they had my door off of the hinges, a hole cut, vision panel built and installed, and the door hung back on the hinges.  They know what they are doing!

My door is held together with cardboard.  Cardboard!!!!
My door is held together with cardboard. Cardboard!!!!

I had never looked inside a hollow core door like the one on my office, but I was surprised to find out what was in there.  My door that has always seemed so solid and protective was filled with cardboard!  “Filled” really isn’t an accurate description.  A honeycomb network of cardboard pieces would be more accurate.  The door for my office consists of little more than two 1/8″ skins of wood veneer and cardboard.

The obvious lesson is that things aren’t always as they appear.  My door appears to be pretty tough but a solid kick would easily penetrate through the thin layers of wood and cardboard.  It is a good reminder about where to put our hope and trust.  So many of the things around us may seem very permanent and strong, but they are only temporary in the grand scheme.  The people in our lives can be an amazing strength and support but they too are only temporary.  God is infinite and unfailing in His love and provision for us.

Some might be wondering why we are putting vision panels in the doors of staff who would like them.  The church exists in the real world and we are aware of the need for transparency and accountability.  Our long-time insurance agent had suggested several years ago that vision panels might be one way to provide some of this transparency.  For those who are employed by the church there is no reasonable expectation of privacy in our activities in the building.  Vision panels allow for accountability whether the door is open or closed.

This is the time of the season when we sing songs about old Saint Nick and how he sees you when you’re sleeping, and knows when you’re awake, etc.  Kinda creepy when you think about it.  We also have an “Elf on the Shelf” in our house named Pete who is keeping an eye on the kiddies for Santa and bringing back a report every night.

My job title was changed when they cut a hole in my door :)
My job title was changed when they cut a hole in my door 🙂

These tales are part of the fun and tradition of the holiday season, but we recognize that in our lives there is One who watches.  It might be easy to think of God sitting back and keeping a grand record of right and wrong in the book of life, but I believe it goes beyond such simplicity.  God’s mercy and love exist on a higher level than I believe we can even reason.  When we strive to live as New Testament Christians we read of forgiveness and mercy.

Many of us want our privacy.  We don’t like the idea of being watched, recorded, or analyzed.  For some the idea of the ‘all seeing eye’ of God is one that causes trepidation.  For others the idea of a God with intimate knowledge, loving care, and gracious provision is a great source of comfort.  With God there is no reasonable expectation of privacy and I am glad He is watching over me.

For those who have been following along with the Dinnertime Devotional series, I apologize for missing the last few weeks.  We continue this week with a challenging series of study from Philippians 2.  I hope that you enjoy Dinnertime Devotionals 41 and have a great rest of the week!