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Cutting The Cord On Charter Cable…An Experiment — 7 Comments

  1. We are three and half years into our negotiations with DirecTV and every year I negotiate a package that changes very slightly for $50 a month plus tax which usually only ends up at about $60.

    • Sounds good Ben! It’s amazing what you can get when you just ask. A comment was left on Facebook when I shared this post about having cable/satellite 6 months of the year. Those 6 months just happen to be during football season 🙂

  2. We pay for internet service for our regular internet “needs”($50 per month) and have it hooked up to wifi. Then we have a computer with wifi receiver attached via HDMI cable to the television along with an antenna to pick up local stations. There are many shows available online free through network sites or YouTube plus other free sites to pick up sports. Annual cost of $600 for internet and more TV than we need. Pretty low tech by today’s standards but works well for us.

    • Sounds quite similar to what we have David! It will be interesting to see what the cable providers do as more folks cut the cord and as companies like HBO go out on their own and offer a low cost streaming option for their content. I see some big changes ahead. Thanks for sharing your setup.

  3. I think this is AWESOME! I love how you are putting what the family needs (in this case a lower expense) over what it wants (especially after having cable for so long?!). This is excellent!

    • Thanks James! We have just wrapped up our first month of being cable free and it is pretty good. Our 7 year old asks me to turn on certain cable channels but will get frustrated when I reminder her we don’t have them anymore. The frustration goes away when I ask her what show she wanted to watch and I pull it up on Amazon or Netflix. The computer on the TV is one she is allowed to use so she is enjoying that.

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