Do What You Can!

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A quick message of encouragement from our 3 year old…

Last night we were up at the church building for Monday Night for the Master, an evening of work and service.  There were lots of good folks working on a variety of projects.  I am always very encouraged by the families, retired folks, and other individuals who take time out to come and help others.

daddys little helperMy project for the evening was fixing some theater seats that we have mounted in a classroom at our building.  My brother, a young man, and our 3 year old were helping with the project.  Yes you read that right, our 3 year old was “helping.”  If nothing else, she provided comic relief as she walked around with a full-size hammer coming perilously close to dropping it on me while I was bent over working on a chair.  Our daughter had a blast picking up wrenches, screws, and other hardware carrying them around, wanting to be a part of the action.

Several times during our work she would come over and get right up next to me and say, “I’m here to help you Daddy.”  The giving and helpful spirit of a child is something I wish we could all maintain throughout life.   They don’t let anything prohibit them from jumping in and trying their best to help in any situation.  There is something we can all learn from that.

I hope you will find someone to lend a bit of help to today.  Do what you can!

Written On My Heart – Week 5

Speaking of encouragement, one of the good helpers at our church just stopped by my office to tell me how much her granddaughter is enjoying the Written On My Heart challenge.  I think it is really cool that other families and individuals are joining with our family in memorizing scripture and facts about the Bible.  I hope you enjoy this week’s installment… Written On My Heart – Week 5

If you need a bit of help with the tune on the Creation Song here is a quick video of our family singing it…

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