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A Throw-away Society — 3 Comments

  1. Jon, How true society has become so disposable. So much of that is people just don’t want to take the time anymore, they are just too busy. The comparison that you made between stuff tossed out and relationships is a good one. I have know too many marriages where one of the excuses made by one or more of the parties involved is that they don’t have time, what a lame excuse. What they really mean is the other person has no value to them and they don’t care. Just like stuff tossed aside, it has no value to them and they don’t want to be bothered with it anymore.

  2. Same goes for people too often in our society, I think. Figuratively speaking, that is. Recently I was driving in back of a Tom Thumb and saw the person there trhowing 2 large grocery baskets of canned goods in their locked dumpster. You and I both know those items were still perfectly fine. Once before, same store, I was driving in back and saw a clear clamshell wrapped sandwich on the ground that had missed the dumpster. That was supper that night. (It was still cool.) BTW, read a few years ago that 75% of everything in landfills is construction materials. Seems speed is king there. Just let the client pay for the materials.

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