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Are You Ugly? — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Jon,

    I really enjoyed today’s blog post regarding “Ugly Christians.” One thing I have been seeing lately that troubles me is people forwarding ugly, hateful things about our President. Sometimes at the end of them they will say horrible things like calling him a “Fag_ot” or worse. I generally let these slide but when they come from a relative or someone I know well, I will sometimes ask them to stop sending me stuff like that and explain why. They’ll usually say, “Oh, I didn’t write that part, I just forwarded the message” to which I say, “As far as I, and everybody else that gets this forwarded trash talk down the line are concerned, your name was on the top of the email saying YOU sent it so you are in effect saying it yourself.” I ask them to read the whole email before forwarding it and if they wouldn’t say the words it contains to their Grandmother or Mother’s face, they ought to hit the delete key a few times to remove the offensive phrases or words. When you forward an email, it’s as if you were saying it yourself so remember that before you hit the “Send” button.

    Thanks for being a positive blogger whose words I don’t have to edit out when I forward them to folks.

    Dempsy Winans

    • Thanks for your comment Dempsy. I agree that certain issues definitely present a challenge. I have made my mistakes and learned lessons from them. This powerful tool that we have in the internet comes with an ever evolving set of challenges to be navigated. Our real challenge is set to begin as we raise our children in this constantly connected age.

  2. I was totally disgusted with what some tweeted about Mr. Schilling’s daughter. I applaud him for what he did, and yes I understand how much damage these people have done to their lives. Notice I don’t hold Mr. Schilling responsible for the punishment they received, not even a little bit. When people do terrible/harmful things, there should be an appropriate reprimand in return. Who knows how many others were saved because he took action, and likewise those who took action based on what his response. It is true that social media can be very ugly, and hurtful to others. I have deleted many posts, trying to keep my page appropriate, and I have asked folks who know me to let me know if they see something that I would not approve on my FB page. Jon, your post regarding your wife was just lovely. The obvious love and kindness that your family shows, including hers and your parents is so genuine. Thanks for sharing so much with those of us who can use a little kindness in the mess of all the other stuff.

  3. It’s worth reading through the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5 and considering that God wants us to actually be that way. So many times somebody says “I’m just not a gentle person,” but God expects us to actually produce gentleness. Gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and perhaps above all self-control. The fruit section of your grocery store is labeled “produce.” Fruit is what a plant produces. And the fruit of the Spirit is what God expects Christians to produce. So if our online communication (or our communication anywhere) does not look like it is the fruit of the Spirit, we have to ask ourselves if we are really producing what God expects us to produce, or if we are at risk of being burned as unfruitful branches.

    Our kids went to five Vacation Bible Schools last year, which was a wonderful experience. One of the songs they brought home was “The Fruit of the Spirit’s Not a Coconut.” It’s a silly little song, but it allowed me to memorize the fruit of the Spirit for the first time. And a few months later I was struck with the thought that God wants us to actually produce these things. Since it says “self-control” it dawned on me these are items on a todo list of things God wants us to produce by our own control and volition, as opposed to things we are supposed to sit around and wait for the Spirit to produce in our lives, eventually. If you haven’t heard that song, it’s worth looking up online.