What Is Supporting You?

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Another observation from our day to day life with a spiritual reflection…

This week I learned more about what makes our dryer run.  Our front loading dryer is only 7 years old and had started making the worst squeaking/screeching noise.  It was bad enough that we couldn’t run it and go to sleep.

A quick Google search and the first result popped up with a YouTube video of our exact dryer, how to disassemble it, and how to diagnose the problem.  With my phone and power drill in hand I quickly took our dryer apart to find the broken plastic parts that support the weight of the dryer drum as it tumbles our clothes dry.  You read that right, some 1/16″ thick molded plastic and little plastic tabs are all that support our dryer drum as it goes round and round with that full load of soaking wet clothes.

Over the years and loads of laundry the plastic had disintegrated and 3 of the 4 tabs were completely gone.  Our local appliance parts store had the $82 worth of plastic parts in stock and said this was a common issue with all front load machines.  There simply wasn’t enough strength in the material being used to support the load.

I don’t know about you but I had always pictured metal with some ball bearings supporting the weight of the dryer drum as went around with a heavy load of wet clothes.  Sometimes we don’t know how things are put together until they start to fall apart.  The same can be true of people as well.

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.  Let's not miss our opportunity to lend our help.
Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. Let’s not miss our opportunity to lend our help.

When things get tough and you need to start relying on your support system….where do you turn?  There are all sorts of destructive and counterproductive support systems and coping mechanism that folks turn to.  Some turn to the bottle, others to drugs, some seeking a more manageable type of pain turn to self mutilation…the list could go on.

Each one of us was created unique and different.  There is no single answer that will work for everyone in times of trouble.  I believe there are some things that can help all of us as we get to know ourselves better before the storms come:

  • Maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends, and church family can sure help.  Part of those healthy relationships is being there in good times and bad.  Supporting others in their time of trouble can teach us a lot about our personal support system.
  • Monitoring work and life balance along with health can assist.  Earlier this week I was all doped up from a procedure at the dentist.  I was wrapping a large package round and round with shipping tape when I found myself woozy and then….wham….on the ground.  When we are out of balance it is that much easier to get knocked to the floor.
  • Obviously as a Christian I find my faith is a huge support in times of trouble.  A deepening understanding of God through study of both the Old and New Testament helps us to better see the work of God throughout the centuries.

Just a few thoughts from my experiences over the years.  Every person is different and we each deal with grief, trouble, and sorrow in unique ways.  Knowing our support system can sure help when times of trouble do arise and things start to break down.  Sharing our stories can sure help too.  If that YouTube user hadn’t uploaded their video I wouldn’t have had the answers I needed.  If we don’t talk about the challenges we face then someone might not benefit from our experience.

As always I encourage your family to spend some time studying God’s word.  This week we are taking a look at the “fruit of the spirit” in Written On My Heart – Week 11