You’ve Got Questions???

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questionsAnyone who has small, curious children can tell you the frustrations that sometime come with ceaseless questions about random things.  My personal feelings towards the questions vary.  Sometimes I am amazed at the things that little minds can be curious about.  Other times I just want the questions to stop… and if I hear one more question I might just pop 🙂  Most parents have been there…

Being inquisitive is a good thing.  I have greatly appreciated the efforts of the Lewisville Church of Christ in putting together the “12 Questions” series of lessons.  They have been live streaming the event and I have been going back and watching/listening to some of the archived lessons while I work.

The questions were gathered from hundreds of respondents from countries around the world.  Over the course of 4 nights, multiple speakers have addressed challenging questions that people would like to ask Jesus.  You can check them out at  My favorite series of questions was covered by Dr. Bruce McLarty on Monday evening:

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I appreciate when folks can engage in a healthy dialogue without devolving into name calling and accusations like so many of the conversations on the 24 hour news channels.  (By the way, we are still cable free and I don’t miss Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC at all!)  It seems that the skill of having civil conversations with a sincere effort to learn is something that is quickly fading away.  (Dr. McLarty talks about this concept at the beginning of his lesson about right and wrong.)

Obviously one of the best things you can do is answer questions that your kids might have about life and the world we live in by studying God’s word together.  For that effort I am happy to provide Written On My Heart – Week 12