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Dad Is The PTA President — 5 Comments

  1. I spent hundreds of hours volunteering in our kids’ elementary and also coordinated volunteer activities. This was a rewarding experience for me and a blessing for the school personnel! I would encourage anyone, whose schedule allows, to offer what time you can to impact the citizens of tomorrow!

    • I appreciated your thought about the ‘citizens of tomorrow’. How many lives have been strongly influenced by the efforts of volunteers, mentors, and educators. Investing in the future is essential!

  2. I loved volunteering at school for my kids. I was homeroom mom whenever I didn’t have a little one at home but always found a friend to watch little ones so I could go in and help. You learn so much about the school and classroom environment when you volunteer and the kids love having their parents there. It makes them feel special. If there is an event where all parents are invited to participate (such as making gingerbread houses) if you can’t be there find someone that can, a relative or good friend. Don’t let your child be the one without someone there. I have seen that happen and it is heartbreaking.

    • Great thoughts Linda! It is hard to tell who is more encouraged by spending time on campus – the volunteer or others.

  3. I was approached on many occasions by friends to join PTA. These friends were on the PTA board and volunteers. Every year at registration they would ask me to join. I always said no. I would think of excuses why I couldn’t. I also found myself avoiding their PTA table on registration day. At the end of my 6th graders school year, I realized how much the PTA has done that school year. All the fun the children had that didn’t involve sitting in a classrooms learning was all done by the amazing PTA. So, I decided next year on my youngest last year in elementary, I will sign up to be involved. Well, I was approached by my dear friends once again. This time I was asked to be on the board. I started to back away. Fearful of the title and responsibilities. I was told that it’s not bad and that they will help me along the way. Well after all the reassurances, I said yes. I was now the V.P of Hospitality. I did the same role at my church….minus the V.P😊.
    My first year was a blast. My eyes were opened to the many many things PTA does for the KIDS. I was blown away!! I also was sad😔I didn’t volunteer or be involved earlier. My boys are noe in Jr. High. I stayed on because I have family that still remain in elementary and also because ONE year was not enough.
    Best part, my two sons, niece’s and nephew were super happy to be apart of setting up and cleaning up on our events. It made them feel good and important😊. Volunteering has been fun for me and my family. I am so glad I got over my fear and doubts and jumped on board. I hope that the memories my son’s, niece’s and nephew had helping out at the school would lead them to be invovled in their childrens PTA.