New Chickens: Live Chicken Cam and Photo Gallery

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  It is possible that I am over sharing about our chickens, but everywhere I go someone is asking about our chickens or telling me which of the new ones is their favorite, etc.  Our backyard chickens are fascinating to me and I think they are to a good number of you too. You might […]

Favorite Things Friday: Egg-Bot

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Just in time for decorating Easter eggs, I’m featuring the nerdiest thing I own…”The Original Egg-Bot.”  I have had my Egg-Bot for close to two years now and it is a fun and sometimes frustrating robotics experiment.  It is easier to show you what it does, than to explain…so check out this quick video I […]

When A Hen Starts To Crow, Gender Reversal In Chickens: Who Knew?

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UPDATE 7/23/14: See bottom of this post for an update… Just a quick post on something that has blown my mind.  I didn’t grow up in the country and I don’t know much about livestock, chickens, etc.  Everything I have learned about chickens I have either learned from experience or researching on the internet.  Did […]