Jesus and Money + Goal Update

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Did you know that the Bible records Jesus talking more about money and physical possessions than just about anything else?  The Bible is filled with verses about money management.  Eleven of the thirty-nine parables of Jesus are about money.  In the book of Luke, one of every seven verses deals with money or physical possessions.  […]

Pens In A Paperless World (and) Family Worship

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A few weeks ago, my wife attended a training session at the hospital where she works.  She showed me the fancy new pen she had been given at the training session.  The training session was for the new paperless documentation system the nurses and doctors would be using.  The irony of giving pens to employees […]

Family Devotional: Faith of Abraham Part 2

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Welcome back!  I appreciate all the kind words people have shared with me about their experiences with these Bible studies.  I have been enjoying putting them together and have been listening to suggestions from readers as well as lessons learned from doing the studies with my own family.  I have shortened the studies to one […]