Cleaning Out The Attic (and Written On My Heart Week 2)

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We moved into our house 7 years ago.  The possessions from our tiny starter apartment left our new home feeling bare, the garage barely used, and the attic empty.  As you can imagine, the years and the children quickly led to a home that was filled with possessions and an attic that was overflowing with […]

Feeling Tired?

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Feeling tired, discouraged, bogged down?  I know I sure feel that way at times.  Lift up your head and look around you for some positive, encouraging examples… I know I have written about our 90+ year old neighbor before, but she continues to impress!  Earlier this week I was walking over to pick up our […]

Lessons From A Door

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I am a big believer in life-long learning and the concept that there are observational lessons to be gained all around us.  With that in mind, a few observations from some changes that took place at my office yesterday…. We have some super talented folks in our church.  Yesterday two of our members continued their […]

What He Said

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Last Tuesday I wrote a post about the need for clear vision and purpose for individuals, families, and organizations.  (You can read it HERE if you missed it.)  On Sunday our preacher delivered a sermon that walked right down the same path and I wanted to share it with you. In the message titled “A […]

Family Traditions

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This post isn’t about the Hank Williams Jr. honky tonk anthem “Family Traditions” although I will mention it a bit later.  Today’s short post is a reminder to myself about the influence and importance of family… Last night a group from our church went to a senior living center to sing some hymns with the […]