Saturday Roundup: Get Moving Edition

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A merry Saturday to all of you!  I hope it has been a great week filled with God’s blessings and productivity. How many times have you heard someone say… “I’ve always wanted to do that.” “Someday I’ll do that.” “I could never do that.” Or another similar phrase… There’s obviously nothing wrong with saying any […]

Family Devotional: Faith of Abraham Part 2

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Welcome back!  I appreciate all the kind words people have shared with me about their experiences with these Bible studies.  I have been enjoying putting them together and have been listening to suggestions from readers as well as lessons learned from doing the studies with my own family.  I have shortened the studies to one […]

Family Devotional: Interested In Spiritual Things – Week 3

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Sorry I’m running late with today’s Bible study posting.  The good news… it has been a great day filled with good conversation, good friends, good opportunities for the side business and best of all our 5 year-old is feeling better after battling strep for the last few days.  It is my sincere hope that you […]

Family Devotional: Little Hands, Big Hearts – Week 1

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I am excited to kick off a new project for 2013, a series of family devotionals titled “Little Hands, Big Hearts.”  More than ever I am seeing the importance of families spending quality time together.  What could be better than enjoying studying the Bible together, challenging your family to grow. My full-time job is working […]