Evernote, Little Hands, Smartphone Coupons, and Sugar: A year ago…

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After a holiday break, it is time to take a look back at what I was writing about a year ago.  It is truly a diverse collection of posts… Little Hands, Big Hearts  – This was the post that fueled the idea for the family devotional series I wrote throughout 2013.  Our children are amazing […]

The 10K Challenge

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I’m a big believer in having goals.  I don’t always accomplish my goals but they keep me moving forward and learning.  A life, marriage, career, etc. without goals is adrift and in danger. I prefer to set goals that follow the SMART methodology.  They are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.  With that in mind […]

Treadmill Desk: Walking and Working for One Year

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A year ago I drastically changed the way I work when I built a DIY treadmill desk in my office.  Building the desk was a quick, somewhat secretive operation.  I was embarrassed to tell even my employers my crazy idea.  I thought, “Just build it and explain it later.”  The only people who knew about […]

Favorite Things Friday: Geocaching

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What is Geocaching you ask?  As defined by Wikipedia – “Geocaching is an outdoor recreational activity, first played in May 2000, in which the participants use a GPS or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called “geocaches” or “caches”, anywhere in the world.  A typical cache is a small waterproof […]

Saturday Roundup: It’s Good To Be Home

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Just a brief thought for this weekend before the roundup.  I am glad that so many people enjoyed my special Valentine’s Day post about “A Happy Marriage.”  The number of views that the post received were absolutely astounding.  Thank you to everyone who shared that post with friends too!  That one article received more shares […]