Too Easy?

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Do our modern conveniences sometimes make life too easy?  In the DFW area of Texas where we live, we are finally coming out of several days of shut down caused by a big ice storm.  At one point over 160,000 area residents had lost power and had to find creative ways to stay warm.  Those […]

Cyberbullying Part 2: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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The topic of cyberbullying resonated with many readers and especially with the high school and junior high class I teach at church.  I teach the material from these blog posts on the following Sunday at church.  (No reason to waste my good effort.)  I think the topic resonated because so many parents remember getting picked […]

Cyberbullying: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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Time and again throughout the ‘Raising Good Kids’ posts we have looked at how media presents new and unprecedented challenges for parents and kids.  These new challenges are clearly evident in the blight of cyberbullying. From The Headlines FLORIDA – “Yes, I bullied Rebecca, and she killed herself but I don’t give a f***.”  Those […]

Internet Pornography: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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It is my belief that internet pornography will destroy more Christian homes than drugs and alcohol combined.  Think about it for a second.  How many marriages or families can you think of that have been broken or forever changed by the viewing of internet pornography or an online affair?  I easily need two hands to […]