Cyberbullying Part 2: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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The topic of cyberbullying resonated with many readers and especially with the high school and junior high class I teach at church.  I teach the material from these blog posts on the following Sunday at church.  (No reason to waste my good effort.)  I think the topic resonated because so many parents remember getting picked […]

Cyberbullying: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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Time and again throughout the ‘Raising Good Kids’ posts we have looked at how media presents new and unprecedented challenges for parents and kids.  These new challenges are clearly evident in the blight of cyberbullying. From The Headlines FLORIDA – “Yes, I bullied Rebecca, and she killed herself but I don’t give a f***.”  Those […]

Internet Pornography: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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It is my belief that internet pornography will destroy more Christian homes than drugs and alcohol combined.  Think about it for a second.  How many marriages or families can you think of that have been broken or forever changed by the viewing of internet pornography or an online affair?  I easily need two hands to […]

Internet Introduction: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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Welcome to the first of three weeks of posts about the internet.  This week we will look at suggestions for the family and the internet, next week is internet pornography, and the final week is cyber-bullying.  You can view all posts from the ‘Raising Good Kids’ series here.  As always, I appreciate you using the […]

Music Piracy: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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There are few topics that received as much ‘push-back’ in my media presentation as piracy or the stealing of music, movies, and games.  As we transition to a few weeks of talking about music, I wanted to get started with this very important topic. I’m Not Hurting Anyone According to Forbes magazine, the highest paid […]

Mobile Gaming: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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Today’s post is about mobile gaming, mobile devices, our time, and sanity.  Inappropriate content isn’t too much of an issue in mobile gaming unlike the last several posts about video games, television, and streaming media.  The main issues for parents to consider, for themselves and for their children, is the amount of time spent playing […]

Video Game Ratings: Raising Good Kids In An ‘R-rated’ World

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This is part 5 of an ongoing series discussing media matters for families and concerned individuals.  Following is a list of other posts in the series…. Television Part 1 – What Do You Watch? Television Part 2 – Did You See That? Streaming Media and Guiding Principles Video Games Part 1 Today we are going […]