Build Your Own Summer Job

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It is the time of year when high school students are wrapping up their year of academia and college students are hitting the road for home.  The seasonal job market is flooded with labor and the openings are few.  Summer is the perfect time for a self-starting student to make some extra cash by building […]

What Are The Odds?

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This weekend we took a quick trip to Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas with some friends.  I’ll be writing about the park on Friday, but today I wanted to share an observation about wealth and security from the diamond mine… An interesting part of searching for diamonds is the people you can observe […]

Amazon “Subscribe & Save” Savings PLUS Is Prime Worth It Anymore?

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A friend, and regular reader of, asked me to look into the savings that are possible with the Amazon “Subscribe & Save” feature that is available to Amazon Prime members.  If you haven’t heard, Amazon Prime is bumping up in price from $79 a year to $99 a year.  Many members are trying to […]

Lessons From A Storage Auction

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Friday I went to my first storage locker auction.  You’ve probably all seen the show “Storage Wars” and have your preconceptions about storage auctions.  Reality varies a bit from “reality TV.”  I wanted to share with you a few economic and social observations from my experience at a storage auction… Shrewd Speculators The majority of […]

Teens and Money

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In my ten years of youth ministry I have enjoyed the privilege of working with many smart, creative, and thoughtful teenagers.  I fully believe that teens too often get stereotyped by perceptions that are perpetuated in media and myth.  One interesting thing I have noted over the years is that many teens have a lot […]

How Much Does It Cost: Christmas Lights

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UPDATE: Make sure to read an expensive lesson I learned during the 2014 Christmas light season.  It is something to really consider before investing in LED technology. After exploring the cost of leaving a light on, ghost power, and ceiling fans…I thought it was time to have a bit of “fun” and figure out how […]