Treadmill Desk: Walking and Working for One Year

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A year ago I drastically changed the way I work when I built a DIY treadmill desk in my office.  Building the desk was a quick, somewhat secretive operation.  I was embarrassed to tell even my employers my crazy idea.  I thought, “Just build it and explain it later.”  The only people who knew about […]

Jesus and Money + Goal Update

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Did you know that the Bible records Jesus talking more about money and physical possessions than just about anything else?  The Bible is filled with verses about money management.  Eleven of the thirty-nine parables of Jesus are about money.  In the book of Luke, one of every seven verses deals with money or physical possessions.  […]

Treadmill Desk (or) How Computer Nerds Live Long and Prosper

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Update: My DIY treadmill desk has been so popular that I now have a site dedicated to it.  You might want to check out for ideas on how to build your very own treadmill desk. A few weeks ago, in a marathon day of sitting at my computer, I realized that sitting at my […]