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  1. Two things you won’t address in 1 posting ! Maybe later? I like your approach to the situation. Might I suggest one variation? If you can afford those 6 ounce bottles or cans, how about using them at times. That way you could have 1 at one time of day, and the 2nd at a later time of the day, and, who knows, some days you might not even drink the 2nd one. Just don’t get the 8 oz. ones. Good idea ?

    • I’m avoiding the ‘hot topics’ Ted 🙂 Still not sure how I really feel about high fructose corn syrup and artificial sweeteners. I think there is a lot of ‘hype’ on both sides of the argument for those substances. I like your idea about smaller sodas. My sister gave me 24 of the smaller bottles of Dr. Pepper for Christmas…the bottles made with real sugar. I’ll work on those first and see where I go from there.

  2. Jon, I think you can do it. Does Dr. Pepper have caffeine in it? If it does you might have some withdrawal from that, especially headaches. I am still working on my weight loss goal. I’ve lost 65lbs. and plan on reaching 100lbs. By this time next year. Slow and steady but for my health I have to do it. Don’t forget your biggest supporter as you do this God. He will help you through this, and sometimes you will slip up and have more than you want on a certain day but you just start over the next day. Keep water with you at all times and wherever you drink Dr. Pepper the most work or home try not to keep it there. Good Luck!

    • Thanks Linda! And congrats on your phenomenal weight loss so far…keep up the good work. I’m guessing there will be a few issues associated with cutting out that much sugar and caffeine, but I’m sure they will be short-lived. Thanks for the good advice on moving past any ‘slip-ups.’

  3. Jon, we are going through a similiar situation with salt and fluids. We have to cut our fluid intake to 64 oz a day, and only 2000mg of salt a day. We measure the salt in everything that goes in the mouth! It gets tedious but I ask for God’s help more than daily. I know the results in just one month is going to make a big difference in how we feel. Our prayers are with you always. Do not give up.

    • Thanks Joyce! I know you and your Mom are going through a lot right now. It must be very challenging to keep up with all of those measurements during the day. You’ve got the right focus!

  4. Hi Jon,

    Your goal is definitely admirable. I gave up soda several years ago cold turkey for a month and after that month my desire for it was severely diminished. I now occasionally have a coke (with pizza), but only once or twice a month. Of course now, every time I think about having a can all I’ll be doing is picturing how much sugar is in it…so I’m guessing my soda intake will fall even more. Good luck with your goal, I’ll be following along to see how you do!

    • Thanks for the encouragement AB! Actually seeing the sugar, measuring it out, the weight of it in my hand really made an impact on me. Plus I had this thought…the amount of sugar I estimated I was consuming per year (128 lbs) weighs much more than my wife. That was a wake up call for sure! Saw your response to my comment on your site…glad you were able to get your site claimed with Alexa so quickly.

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  8. Good luck to you! I quit soda (I used to drink Diet Coke) about 2-3 years ago. I gave it up for Lent. It was challenging at first, but now I don’t want it at all. In fact, the last time I had a Coke (which was over a year ago) I thought it tasted awful so I am in no way tempted to go back to my soda-drinking ways. I’m guessing my taste-buds shifted after I quit drinking it which is why it no longer is appealing to me.

    • Thanks JBC! I haven’t been able to get fully away from my soda habit but I have cut back significantly after the visualization I made for myself. Soda and I have a more balanced relationship now. I enjoy it like I would dessert…instead of having it with every meal. It is nice every once in a while but not every day. I can tell a definite difference in my health and energy. Not sure if there is a connection or not but I haven’t been sick this entire last year either.