Favorite Things Friday: Merrell Olmec

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Favorite Things Friday is all about my shoes this week.  My Merrell Olmec shoes are honestly the best thing I have ever had on my feet.  Why am I writing about these shoes?  These shoes are a big part of my success with the treadmill desk

As always with my Favorite Things Friday, a quick disclaimer.  I purchased this item with my own money.  I am not being compensated for this review or posting by Merrell.  All opinions are my own.

merrell olmec reviewWith that out of the way, let’s talk shoes.  I have been wearing these Merrell shoes since July 2012.  I had worn out my third pair of Born loafers and was looking for a change.  The Born shoes had been wearing out too quickly and the soles were so compacted that there was no support or cushioning left.  I read a number of reviews and decided to try the Merrell Olmec.

I picked up my shoes at a local store.  If I recall correctly, they were about $75 after I applied my discount.  I chose this shoe because I knew Merrell hiking boots had a good reputation among hikers.  This specific pair also had a Vibram sole. I preferred the look of another of the Merrell shoes but it did not have a Vibram sole.  The Olmec was also reviewed favorably on a number of shoe websites.

I’ll be honest, when I walked out of the store wearing these shoes I was really concerned.  They felt a little loose on my foot, compared to what I had been wearing.  The sole of the shoe also seemed very narrow under my foot.  I wore them around town for a few weeks before taking them out of the country on a two week mission trip.

The Merrell shoes really proved their worth when we were on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean doing a mission trip.  I took this pair of shoes for wearing at church events and a pair of New Balance runners for other needs.  I wore the Merrell shoes almost exclusively.  In the days before the trip I injured my right foot, which was diagnosed as a strain and a deep bruise.  The doctor wanted to put me in a boot but that would not work in Dominica.  We were going to be walking a lot in Dominica on roads and other surfaces, uphill and downhill.  I was nervous about how my foot would make it.

I had no problems with my foot on the entire trip because of the Merrell Olmec shoes.  They provided enough stability and cushioning to allow my foot injury to heal even though we were walking several miles a day.  They were also comfortable to wear in the humid tropic environment.  The anti-bacterial lining was also a nice touch, keeping foot funk to a minimum.

merrell olmec 7 months old
My not so stinky shoes – they are lined with anti-bacterial material.

My Olmec’s have been a key part of my success on the treadmill desk.  In just the last month I have walked over 100 miles while working in these shoes.  They are comfortable and keep my feet feeling energized even after standing and walking all day.  Most workers who use a treadmill desk have to switch back and forth between dress shoes and walking shoes.  My Olmec shoes look good enough to function with jeans and khakis in my work setting at the church building.

I have done a little bit of everything in these shoes.  Walked many miles on a tropical island, pounded out over 100 miles on the treadmill desk, mowed the lawn, chased babies, chased chickens, and kept up with teenagers.  The waterproof exterior is a nice touch on rainy days.  I bet these shoes would have been great in the snow and ice when I lived in New Hampshire. The very top of the toe guard on the right shoe is starting to pull away from the leather just a bit, but it shouldn’t be a big problem.  The leather is very durable and hides scuffs very well.

All in all, if you are looking for a good everyday shoe, especially if you are going to be walking a lot.  I would recommend the Merrell Olmec.  I picked my pair up at Macy’s. They would make a nice gift too.

If you made it all the way through this post…THANKS!  I know writing about my shoes is a bit odd, but a good pair of shoes can make all the difference in your attitude and your health.  Have a great weekend!  And as always, thank you so much for reading.

Bonus: Some of you may be new here.  Check out my Merrell Olmec shoes in action on my treadmill desk in this short little video.

[weaver_youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veVqraBJuZg sd=0 percent=100 ratio=.5625 center=1 rel=0 https=0 privacy=0 see_help_for_others]

4 thoughts on “Favorite Things Friday: Merrell Olmec

  1. Now to see if they come in a 15EEE. …oh yeah, and @ an affordable price. I know my Steve & Barry’s have never been comfortable and are about worn out. Thanks for the info. I’ll start @ the company website, because I KNOW Macy’s doesn’t carry my size.

    1. I guess I have never looked down at your feet Ted. I didn’t realize you had BOATS down there. Let me know what you find out from Merrell. I would imagine finding shoes is a challenge for sure.

  2. Hi – I have a pair of Merrell shoes and I LOVE them. They are a bit too casual to wear to work, but on the weekends? Wow…love the comfort.

    Great blog, by the way.

    1. Thanks for the comment Mike! What style of Merrells do you have?

      Best of luck on getting back in the groove with craftydad.com. I enjoyed reading through some of the posts that you had up. I’m glad you didn’t delete your blog when you were thinking about it. I first thought of naming my blog dadiscrafty.com when I was first considering starting one. Even went as far as to claim the domain for a year. Then I thought a broader site name might fit my broad interests. Keep in touch!


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