homemade treadmill desk

A typical work day at my treadmill desk.

This page contains links to the various posts I have written that reference the treadmill desk that I built for my office.  My project cost a total of $150 and that includes the used treadmilll.  I have been using the treadmill desk since November 2012 and love it!  I average 20 miles a week of walking and working.  Just recently I set a record of 8.3 miles of walking and working in 5 work hours before lunch.  Many of you may be looking for info on how I built my treadmill desk…scroll down to the first post “Treadmill Desk (or) How Computer Nerds Live Long and Prosper.”

Thank you for your interest in my treadmill desk.  I would be happy to answer any questions you have about building your own treadmill desk – just use the contact page.  If you like these posts, consider following my blog via Email, RSS, Facebook or Twitter.  You might also enjoy my posts about my time on the Appalachian Trail where I walked 2,168 miles in 5 months.  I also have a post about my Merrell Olmec shoes that are great for working on a treadmill desk.