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Saturday Roundup: Chicken and Kale Edition — 2 Comments

  1. Ok, you’ve inspired me to at least STRONGLY CONSIDER buying and using kale. know my favorite soup @ Olive Garden (a place I go about once a year) contains kale, but from what you’re saying it apparently limbers up a lot more if cooked longer. This appeals to me. Guess it can be added fresh to a regular salad as well? BTW, Tori Spelling has has the same kind of chicken that you have (Zsa Zsa). Apparently they lay colored eggs. Sure YOU knewe that, but I didn’t.

    • I know the soup you are talking about Ted. It does get a lot more tender than it is in that soup. There are all kinds of ways to cook kale. The WebMD link has some cooking recommendations at the end. Kale salad is one of the suggestions. I might have to check out this Tori Spelling show…some kind of reality show right? Zsa Zsa lays a light tan egg. Different varieties produce different colors. Google a White Crested Black Polish. That is one of the chicks we hope to get.