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Treadmill Desk (or) How Computer Nerds Live Long and Prosper — 11 Comments

  1. Your resourcefulness is to be commended. I would think of that set-up as both impossible and maddening for my use. That said, if it works for you, outstanding ! I do admit though, I can NOT see how I could ever adjust to it, even if my knees weren’t killing me, but then again I used to jump when someone whould suddenly pop their head over the top of my cubicle, so lost in concentration, but $200 versus $1800 sounds pretty smart to me, especially if you didn’t know if it would be good. ….and router use as well, 1 up on me !

    • Thanks Ted! You know me, always trying to be thrifty. There are a lot of people who think the walking workers are a little crazy…but life is pretty boring if you’re not at least a little bit weird.

  2. Jon,
    Incredible, inventive, creative and downright clever and good for your heart! Who knew? Congrats on a great idea! And I thought all you computer jocks only exercised your eyes, brains and fingers.
    This was fun to read about. God bless! Earl

    • Thanks Earl! I thought you would like the idea. I have really been enjoying walking while I work. I did 21 miles during the last work week.

  3. Great idea! I love the concept of a treadmill desk, but those dedicated ones just cost far too much for my budget.

    Please keep us updated over time. I’d love to see how this impacts your weight and health over time!

    • Thanks Alex! I’ll be posting updates on a dedicated page I added to my site – http://www.dadislearning.com/treadmill-desk/. I get a ton of searches everyday about the treadmill post. I can already tell a big difference. I did 26.22 miles of walking at work last week.

      I really like the concept of your page. Looks like you are having a ton of fun with you happiness experiments. I’m following your RSS feed so I can keep up with your future experiments.

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  5. Hey Jon, check out this one-upsmanship of the treadmill desk concept: http://xkcd.com/1329/ (Yes, this is a real link, not spam or a virus, and yes this is David Blackstone that you went to high school with and haven’t seen since your wedding I think.)

    • Hey David! You know the blogging world oh so well…first thing I think when I see link in comment is spam. But obviously not this time! That is a hilarious cartoon. Haven’t strapped my laptop to a living animal….yet. Hope things are well with you!

      • Going absolutely fantastic … we moved to East Texas and are expecting our seventh child this April. 🙂 I’ve been serving as a bilingual song leader at church and staying extremely busy and happy. I looked you up at some point last year and enjoyed reading through your blog, seeing how you guys are doing, listening to a couple of your recorded messages at Bridgewood. Even though I haven’t seen you in ages, you guys are still in our minds and prayers.

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